Turbo Sales


Since the invention of the turbocharger in 1905, millions of cars, trucks, boats and aircraft have benefited from the performance gains of forced induction. Turbo Pro Group are the turbo sales experts and distribute most of the major turbo brands in New Zealand. If it’s a turbo or turbo part you’re after, find your closest specialist.
Turbochargers for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
Honeywell develops and markets turbocharger technologies for passenger vehicle engine sizes ranging from 0.5 to 6 liters. Technologies currently available include wastegates, rotary electric actuators, and variable geometry.
Turbochargers for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks
The greater emphasis on fuel economy, engine responsiveness, and emissions control has driven the development of turbochargers that serve distinct commercial diesel applications. Garrett turbochargers can single stage cover engine power requirements from 135 hp (100 kW) all the way up to and exceeding 1500 hp (1100 kW). Garrett GT turbochargers are currently supporting engine ratings exceeding 4000 hp (3000 kW).
GT Series Turbochargers
Single-cartridge, dual ball-bearing Garrett turbochargers generate far less frictional drag and are 10 times more durable than traditional journal-bearing turbochargers. While first developed for racing, over 100,000 ball-bearing turbochargers have been produced for OE applications, and are now available in a range of sizes for the street.
Small Frame
GT12-GT22 The fun starts here. A range of modern Wastegated turbochargers ideally suited for small-displacement applications including motorcycles, Formula SAE competition vehicles, and more.
Medium Frame
GT25-GT35 A huge selection of journal bearing turbochargers, housing options, and our proven patented ball-bearing turbochargers. Wastegated or free-floating; from the quick-spooling GT2554R to the competition-crushing GT3582R, you’ll find your best options here whether you want 170 hp or 550 hp.
Large Frame
GT37-GT60 Best suited for large-displacement engines, drag racing vehicles, and other applications that require significant airflow. There are Wastegated or Free-floating units here, plus our exclusive large-frame ball-bearing CHRAs.
We haven’t listed the turbo you’re in need of, Find your closest specialist and they have access to get you what you need.